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Active on De Groote Heide

Active on De Groote Heide: at your leisure or "pushing the envelope"

Paradise for outdoors(wo)men

Due to its diversity and vastness, De Groote Heide is a true paradise for people who enjoy being active outside. The area has an extensive network of hiking paths, cycling trails, horseriding trails and bicycle racing and mountain biking routes. Both for short trips or whole days of activity covering large stretches of the area. And always against a backdrop of beautiful and diverse nature, with forests, heaths, fens, streams, brooks and farmland. And if you're simply seeking some peace and quiet, you too feel right at home here.

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De Groote Heide, opportunities abound!

De Groote Heide offers both fanatics and recreational visitors a world of possibilities and different routes throughout the area. There is ample choice of both short and long distances to suit everyone’s taste. The varied landscape is the perfect backdrop to enjoy nature at your own pace. Walk through uninterrupted heath and moorland, with the option to end your trip at one of Brabant or Limburg’s hospitable restaurants. There are countless opportunities to go hiking, cycling, cycle racing, trail running, jogging or mountain biking, as well as many activities for children.

Hiking > Hiking opportunities in De Groote Heide are as numerous as they are enjoyable. The landscape varies from heathland and forest to pools and creeks. It is almost impossible to take in all the beautiful scenery and vistas that Brabant (NL) and Limburg (BE) have to offer. 

Cycling > Feel the wind through your hair, the sun on your face and let your thoughts drift with the horizon. This is what cycling through De Groote Heide does to you. On both sides of the Dutch-Belgium border there are many routes for you to explore.

Bicycle racing > Throughout this beautiful area there are many routes for racing cyclists of all levels. There are more than enough options for those who enjoy speed and long distances, but also for those who prefer a slightly less strenuous challenge.

Trails > Off-road running is becoming more and more popular, and De Groote Heide sure has its share of trails. Running through these peaceful surroundings is very enjoyable and allows you to empty your head, so you feel completely relaxed afterwards.

With kids > It is not just mom and dad that enjoy nature, but the little ones too. Children can spend hours in nature en enjoy it immensely. De Groote Heide offers numerous activities that are primarily aimed at children. 

MTB > Get the wheels of your mountain bike dirty in the mud, cycle up and down hills, then cover a short bit of asphalt, and get right back to the sand. Mountain biking is a very multi-faceted activity, not unlike the nature of De Groote Heide. It is therefore no surprise that the area offers several beautiful routes to experience the great outdoors for hours on end. 

Horseback riding > In De Groote Heide you don’t have to enjoy nature on your own, but you can do this together with your horse. Brabant is known for its bridleway network, as is therefore De Groote Heide. Experience nature in a different and special way from horseback.

Water sports > De Groote Heide heeft eigenlijk best veel water. Er zijn verschillende rivieren, beekdalen en meeren waar je vanalles kunt doen. Kano varen, vissen en dat allemaal binnen De Groote Heide. 

Special activities > There is much more to do on De Groote Heide than just hiking and cycling. Actively exploring nature is becoming ever more popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. And De Groote Heide invites you to do just that right here!