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An e-bike paradise

For owners of electric bicycles nature border park De Groote Heide is a true gem. Our extensive bicycle routes with multiple charging stations that take you through lush forests, along babbling brooks and over beautiful heathland. And the many e-biking routes also allow you to visit wonderful places such as the gorgeous Cranendonck Castle or the Budel mills.

Feeling a bit peckish because of all the cycling? Just visit one of the many (cycling) cafés. At many of these cafés you can recharge your electric bike, ensuring you are ready to travel many more kilometres in this beautiful area after a short pit stop.

Take a cycling trip through De Groote Heide and experience the wonderful natural landscape with countless opportunities. De Groote Heide – a true paradise for the electric bike. Tip: A visit to the Achelse Kluis (Saint Benedict Abbey) – with its home-brewed Achelse Trappist beers. We highly recommended including this in your trip.




Cycling carefree through a beautiful area on your electric bicycle: that's what De Groote Heide offers. Unwind fully in nature and enjoy silence, beauty and splendid views. And in this border-crossing nature reserve you decide how far and wide you wish to cycle. The wide range of excellent cycling routes and charging stations make this unique natural area ideally suited to the electric cyclist. 

Look at the overview of e-bike charging points (or download them to Google Maps or Google Earth). This map also includes cycling routes and cycle nodes. Places of interest, parking, cafés/restaurants and accommodation options can be found on our central map.


Look at the options, download a route and let the many possibilities surprise you! Are you driving to De Groote Heide and bringing your own electric bike? No problem! De Groote Heide offers plenty of parking. Or would you prefer to rent an electric bike? Click here for more information.

Tip: Nature gateway De Plaetse is the main entrance to the Strabrechtse Heide. Nature, culture, education, recreation and hospitality all come together in this place. This is an excellent point to start your e-bike route. See here for other nice starting points.



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