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Bicycle racing on De Groote Heide

For racing cyclist, De Groote Heide is a true paradise. Both true long-distance runners and more recreationally inclined cyclists will find what they are looking for here. So grab your helmet and bicycle and explore De Groote Heide one beautiful area at a time! There is something for everyone.

De Groote Heide nature border park offers endless possibilities for bicycle racing. Alone, or with two, three, four or ten, it does not matter. There is something for everyone. We have some suggestions for both long and shorter routes below. This vast nature area of ​​Belgium and the Netherlands has countless possibilities. Heath and fens alternate with forests and streams where you can really enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of nature to the fullest. And the villages and towns along the way have many places for a short pit stop with a drink or piece of pie.

Our map has many different cycling routes, just have a look and download them. These routes take you to various areas of De Groote Heide. There are miles of fun to be had on both sides of the border.

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