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Cycling recreationally

De Groote Heide is a vast area with immense natural diversity, making it ideally suited to exploring by bike. Forest, heathland, farmland, meadows, pools, streams and small rivers take turns creating a rich and surprising backdrop. Ideal for short trips, of course, but also if you want to cycle well over a hundred kilometres in a single day without ever leaving De Groote Heide. And no matter where you go, there is always the option to visit a beautiful and hospitable Belgium or Dutch village along the way. 

De Groote Heide literally crosses borders, and its cycle routes are no exceptions. Hundreds of kilometres of bike paths lead past the beautiful villages of Brabant and Limburg, through heathland and forest, with peaceful streams giving way to historic monuments. De Groote Heide truly is a land of endless opportunity. Just have a look at the network of bicycle paths that stretch across De Groote Heide in all directions. There are more than enough options to choose from. Experience the freedom of cycling and plan your own relaxed yet active cycling trip. And if you need a break, there are plenty of spots to stop and have a picnic, for example. Or recharge your batteries at one of the numerous restaurants sprinkled throughout the area. Discover the natural wealth of the Netherlands and Belgium at your own pace. There simply is nothing like being completely surrounded by nature. The paths are well-maintained and suited for young and old alike. Let your spirits be lifted to the sound of your softly rattling chain and rustling tires. For more information on routes, please scroll down on this page, or go the map of De Groote Heide and download them!

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