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A brisk walk or relaxed stroll through woods and heathland while enjoying wide panoramas and gorgeous flora & fauna. And at journey's end lovely villages and Belgian and Brabant hospitality waiting to be discovered. De Groote Heide has everything hikers would want, and more. So lace up your shoes and discover the hundreds of kilometres of hiking routes on De Groote Heide!

Nature border park De Groote Heide is an endless treasure trove for hikers.
De Malpie, Strabrechtse Heide, Dommel Valley, Beverbeekse Heide and the Leenderbos are but a few examples of the beautiful stretches of nature this area is home to. Just have a look at our hiking trails and you'll be surprised by the scope on offer. De Groote Heide allows you to experience nature, freedom and peace. Walking through woodland, over heathland, along brooks and past monuments, it's all in a day's work here. And along the way the lovely outdoor cafés of the local villages and cities offer ample opportunities to rest for a spell. The diverse range of flora and fauna of De Groote Heide is truly incredible. Nothing compares to a twig that breaks underfoot, the birds in song and the feeling of being outside. There are kilometres aplenty, so never take the same route twice and let nature transport you!

Go to our map, look at the available hiking trails and download them. You can also look for interesting places to visit. De Groote Heide has many attractions that are well worth a visit. Take the Achelse Kluis or Heeze Castle, for example.

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