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Riding horseback through forest and heath on beautiful trails

De Groote Heide is a very diverse area that caters for many different activities, equestrian sport being no exception. Why not discover our beautiful nature from horseback? The many horse trails will lead you and your pony or horse to the most beautiful places.


Riding a horse is great fun, both on your own or with friends. Whether you want to take it slow or go a little faster, there's more than enough ground to cover on De Groote Heide! Brabant truly is a horse-friendly province. Throughout the province there are riding trails that often start and stop at riding schools and stables. From these you often set out with a group. Do you prefer to ride alone? Not to worry. For lone riders there are also infinite opportunities to ride off towards the sunset.

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For youngsters, horseback riding on De Groote Heide is also a real treat. Any one of the routes in the area takes you to the most beautiful places. Along heath, fens, forests and rivers. A truly enjoyable experience not only for you, but also for your trusty steed. For more riding trails, check out our map or the links at the bottom of this page!

Most riding trails on De Groote Heide are linked together to create a vast horse riding network. This network of marked bridle paths consists of nodes that each have a unique number. By selecting a series of nodes you can determine the desired distance and route you want to travel. There's always a route map at each node location, so you can always change or improvise your route on the spot, provided you can read a map of course!

Discovering nature is just much more fun with a horse. With a little luck, you can get right up to a grazing deer, and wild cows and calves also simply ignore a horse walking in their midst. With a horse you can experience things you can only dream of while hiking or cycling. So mount your horse and experience nature like never before!

De Groote Heide has several riding schools to visit with or without your own horse, with many different horse-related activities to choose from. Why not drop by for a cup of coffee and experience life between the horses for yourself? Here are some suggestions:

The Eerste Eindhoven Pony Manege riding school is located on the rural outskirts of Eindhoven, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Genneper Parken. The school has everything you need for pure riding pleasure, starting with a full stable of different horses and ponies.

RSC Manege Meulendijks is located on the edge of the beautiful Strabrechtse Heide. Both recreational and professional riders are welcome at this riding school. For anyone who has affinity with horses, Meulendijks is well worth the visit.

Trained equestrian athletes rub shoulders with people enjoying a carriage ride, tractor tour, cup of coffee or team building event. Manege Het Keelven welcomes all, whether young or old, experienced or rookie, in need of extra guidance or just wanting to be on their way. You'll find the riding school in Someren, just outside De Groote Heide.

Manege De Molenberg is easily accessible and known for its splendid location. Beautifully situated on the edge of the Leenderbossen, De Molenberg offers many equestrian activities. From the riding school some 80 km of bridle paths extend to beyond the border with Belgium. It is possible to stable your horse or pony here, participate in various activities and of course to enjoy a cup of coffee in their restaurant.

Manege de Boschhoeve has been an ideal destination for activities and holidays on horseback since 1988. They organise amazing horse riding holidays in a unique nature area. The neighbouring nature reserve has extensive riding trails and horse-drawn carriage routes, which are part of a larger cross-border network. And Manege de Boschhoeve has even more to offer. Please visit their website for more information.

Franssiscushof Pony Rental is located in the middle of green Neerpelt and has a pet farm where children can experience animal life to their heart's desire. Before children can ride a pony, they first get to know the animal by petting, feeding and hugging it. After that they will get on the pony's back and an instructor will lead them for a short ride around the stable.