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Special activities

The Groote Heide is a diverse area where much is possible. There's room for all the "common" activities, such as hiking, cycling, bicycle racing and running. And there's also the slightly less common ones: horseback riding and fishing, for example. But there's more.... special activities for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary. On this page we will look at geocaching, Fit-O-Meter/training circuit, Finnish Track, boot camp and yoga in more detail.


Fit-O-Meter, training circuit:

There's nothing like working on your fitness outside in nature. So why not combine running with a training circuit/Fit-O-Meter? These are public outdoor training tools that can be adjusted to anyone's training programme. You can make it as strenuous for yourself as you want. De Groote Heide has several of these outdoor fitness areas, just have a look at our map for locations.

Finse piste

Finnish track:

The 'Finnish track' is designed especially for runners/joggers. It is a running trail that has a bouncy top layer to improve running comfort and reduce pressure on joints. These are almost always public and often located in nature. De Groote Heide also has some, you can find where on our map. The only downside is a slightly lower running speed than on asphalt. Most of the Finnish tracks are made of tree bark and/or wood chips.


Geocaching is a game of adventure for GPS users. Participating in treasure hunts, or 'cache hunts', is a great way to get acquainted with the benefits and wonderful features of GPS. The basic idea is that people and organisations (scouting groups, for example) hide caches all around the world and share the exact locations of these caches on the web. Other GPS users then try to find these caches using the coordinates. Once the cache, or treasure, has been found, it reveals its secrets and rewards the winner with a variety of rewards.

The winner is asked to take something out of the cache and to leave something else behind. For more information, click here>


A boot camp is a type of outdoor group fitness programme led by an instructor. It improves fitness, strength and stamina. As bootcamp is always a group activity, you can motivate each other to achieve better results together. All exercises are furthermore designed to use one's own body weight, natural resources (for example, tree trunks) and easily portable fitness equipment.



Yoga teaches us about body and mind, and about bringing mind and consciousness into balance. The exercises (Asanas) give power and energy and provide an overall feeling of relaxation. Especially in our hectic 21st century existence, yoga is a good way to let rest and relaxation in. It is therefore no wonder that yoga has become so popular in recent years. Those who practice yoga, at whatever level, bring about changes in their moods. It allows them to create more balance in their mind and to experience less emotional pressure. Yoga is for everyone. For children, youngsters, pregnant women, adults and the elderly. Everybody does it. All over the world. And do you know why? Because yoga works!