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Trail running

More and more runners are looking for a new challenge. And those who run on the road usually have to share that piece of tarmac with cyclists, scooters and cars. But out in nature, runners are at the top of the food chain and running here represents true freedom. De Groote Heide has more than enough areas of nature where you can run free through woods and heathland. Trail running is rapidly becoming a very popular sport.

Trail running is ‘off-road jogging’. Running over small paths through forest and past heathland. Away from the asphalt and into nature, for a more relaxed run and heightened experience. No wonder more and more runners choose this option. And trail running on De Groote Heide is extra enjoyable thanks to the beautiful surroundings; vast heathland, forests and areas of sand drift.
There are hundreds of miles of running routes. Use the MTB routes for example (tip: run them in the opposite direction, towards the MTB-ers) or one of the many hiking trails. And there are also special trail routes (see the map below).

De Groote Heide is home to miles and miles of beautiful trails.
To find them, use the map and download the routes. This will guarantee many hours of enjoyment in Brabant (NE) and Limburg (BE)'s beautiful nature reserves.

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