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Walking the dog

Being close to nature gives you some kind of inner peace. Sometimes you walk with others, sometimes on your own, and occasionally with your dog! Do keep in mind, however, that dogs are not always allowed to run without a leash. There are designated places across De Groote Heide where you can give your dog free rein. This page lists them all.


(Photo by Johan Lazaroms.)



(Photo by Johan Lazaroms.)

Strabrechtse Heide

Between Valkenswaard and Leende lies Leenderbos. Here you can give your loyal four-legged companion the space it deserves. The Molenheide allows dogs to run without a leash. There are several marked hiking trails through the area. To get there, please park at Manege de Molenberg or Golden Tulip Jagershorst Hotel.

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The Strabrechtse Heide also has an unrestricted dog walking area. Here you can have your pet run through herds of Kempic heath sheep. They help maintain the heath by keeping the amount of grass in the area under control. Please park at the Heidecafe for walks through this area.

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