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Let your children experience nature in a special way.

De Groote Heide - met de kinderen

Take your children to De Groote Heide

The more children get outside, the healthier and better they feel. In nature, they are free to discover and use their senses optimally: smell, taste, sight, sound and touch. Going on treasure hunts, following animal trails, watching birds or discovering gnomes. It is all possible on De Groote Heide.

Met de kinderen in het bos - klimbomen

Running into a beautiful climbing tree on your walk is always great fun, and a little exciting. When up a tree you have much better views and... you are bigger than your parents.

Speurtochten in bos & heide

Going on a treasure hunt is always great fun. And why not add some puzzles or a navigation challenge with your phone or map and compass? Wandering off the beaten track and overcoming any obstacle. Or what about a nature quiz, gathering quest or search for hidden treasure?

De Groote Heide has many hiking and cycling trails in all shapes and sizes. While a quiet afternoon stroll through a nature reserve may be very relaxing, this isn't always the case when you have children around. They are often brimming with energy that they need to get rid of by running and playing. We have gathered some fun activities for children so you can both spend an enjoyable afternoon on De Groote Heide.

Fransiscushof Pony Rental

Franssiscushof Pony Rental is located in the middle of green Neerpelt and has a pet farm where children can experience animal life to their heart's desire. Before children can ride a pony, they first get to know the animal by petting, feeding and hugging it. After that they will get on the pony's back and an instructor will lead them for a short ride around the stable. More information>

Canoeing on the Dommel

Canoeing on the Dommel is a very fun activity for young and old alike. Children will not soon forget such a lovely canoe ride. There are many oppertunites to go canoeing on the Dommel, for example in Valkenswaard. More information>