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Aart van Dobbenburgh a forgotten master lithographer

Tentoonstelling - Sunday 27 November 2016

Vanaf Zaterdag 30 april 2016 tot Zondag 27 november 2016

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Zondag 13:00 17:00
Dinsdag 13:00 17:00
Woensdag 13:00 17:00
Donderdag 13:00 17:00
Vrijdag 13:00 17:00
Zaterdag 13:00 17:00

Steendrukmuseum, Oranje Nassaustraat 8 C, 5554 AG, Valkenswaard

Aart van Dobbenburgh (Amsterdam, 30-09-1899 - Haarlem, 3-07-1988) grew into a well-known and well-known Dutch artist and graphic artist in the 20th century.

He became famous for his almost fabulously sophisticated lithographs, often printed on flatter thin Japanese paper. His lithographs know a variety of recurring subjects like flowers, portraits, landscapes, but human hands were also his favorite. In the media he is widely described as the best Dutch lithographer from the 20th century. His stonework therefore decorated many homes and offices.