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Lecture: Why the world is changing ever faster

Lezing/Debat - Friday 19 May 2017

Vrijdag 19 mei 2017 Vanaf 14:00 tot 16:30

Lezing: Waarom de wereld steeds sneller verandert, Emmasingel 22, 5611 AZ, Eindhoven

Almost everyone is surprised by the fact that everything seems to change faster. Is that real or is it imagination? Fons Goudsmit explains in this lecture in an understandable manner and substantiated by hard facts from what is going on.

The lecture consists of two parts.
In the first hour we are going to explore an imaginary time machine in the past. "Earlier", hundreds, thousands, millions or billions ago, the world also changed. Until the last century, the changes were so slow that people did not notice anything during their lives. And now, changes are going so fast that even our teenagers born in this century notice. We are going to see how that happens.