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Hugo Borst: Oh, mother

Lezing/Debat - Monday 22 May 2017

Maandag 22 mei 2017 Vanaf 20:00 tot 22:00

Hugo Borst: Ach, moedertje, Emmasingel 22, 5611 AZ, Eindhoven

In the net appeared Ah, mother describes Hugo Borst the shattering situation in which his mother is. He talks about her mental and physical deterioration, about his own fears and uncertainties, and about the imbalances in healthcare, where money, bureaucracy and management are more important than humanity.

For nearly three years, Hugo Borst writes a weekly chronicle about his mother in the AD. She suffers from Alzheimer's disease and lives in a closed ward in a nursing home. The immensely popular chronicle resulted in the book Ma in 2015, which became an extremely successful success. The frank, loving manner in which Hugo writes about his mother calls for a lot of recognition and emotions at his readers.