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Experience the contrast between the peace and quiet of nature, and the hustle and bustle and fun activities around it.

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Boswandeling Klankenbos, De Groote Heide

Jazzy forest walk along visual scores

- Saturday 03 June 2017


Toekomstlaan 5
3910 Neerpelt

Visual scores are a fascinating phenomenon in contemporary music. They saw a great bloom in the 1950s and 60s when composers like Iannis Xenakis and Cornelius Cardew searched for "different" ways than the traditional notebook to record music and sound, such as lines, colors, shapes or texts.

In the context of 10 years of JazzCase Neerpelt, Musica invites Bassss bass bass ensemble to interpret some contemporary visual scores of Belgian composers. A special challenge, because the performances take place between the trees of Klankenbos. We take you on a forest walk in which the relationship between sound and color is central, with jazzy interpretations of a "color square" of composer Thomas Smetryns and a "red line" of Maja Jantar.

And passant also strikes you on the work of students music & visual arts of the Noord-Limburg Art Academy. As a finalist, bassist and visual artist Paul Van Gysegem will improvise on his own visual scores. Guaranteed a colorful experience!

Basssss - double bass quartet: Peter Jacquemyn, Pieter Lenaerts, Yannick Peeters, Kristof Roseeuw
Paul Van Gysegem, double bass
Students Kunstacademie Noord-Limburg by Koen Evens

Work of
Thomas Smetryns - This could be the most beautiful piece in the world
Maja Jantar - REaD
Paul Van Gysegem, own visual scores
Creation students Kunstacademie Noord-Limburg olv Koen Evens

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