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Experience the contrast between the peace and quiet of nature, and the hustle and bustle and fun activities around it.

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21st Three-valley walk, The Great Heath

21st three-round trip

- Wednesday 28 June 2017


De Bosuil
Bosuilstraat 4
3910 Sint-Huibrechts-Lille (Neerpelt)

The DrieValleientocht is an approximately 100 km long and marked bike ride for the sporty cyclist through the green region of North Limburg in a direction of six municipalities. Along the quiet roads and by a relaxing nature bike you pass the Abeek, the Warmbeek and the Dommel Valley. The ride takes you past the most sightsome places and places in the north of our bicycle province

-Bocholt, Sports complex, Brogelerweg 59
-Bree, Sports center, Sportlaan
-Hamont-Achel, Cafeteria De Posthoorn, Stationsstraat
-Neerpelt, Bosuil, St.-H.-Lille
-Overpelt, Sports Center, Youth Avenue
-Peer, Sports Center, Deusterstraat

Departure time: every 9.30am to 5.30pm

Distances: 25, 50, 70, 80 or 100 km

Registration: € 2.50

Fun and practical souvenir for everyone!

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