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Sunday water day

Rondleiding - Sunday 21 May 2017

Zondag 21 mei 2017 Vanaf 11:00 tot 17:00

Zondag Waterdag, Van Oldenbarnveltlaan 1, 5612 GN, Eindhoven

On sunday 21st May, between 11.00 and 17.00, Waterschap De Dommel organizes the public Sunday Sunday Water Day. This year on sewage treatment in Eindhoven. Under the motto 'Traveling to De Dommel', visitors can see with their own eyes where the dirty sewage remains and discover what lives in brook and ditch. It will be a exciting and educational day with walks along the Dommel, personal advice for a climate-friendly garden and children's water games. There are also information stands and films are being played. Sunday Water Day joins the Rural Week of Our Water.

The journey of the water
The purification at the Van Oldenbarnveltlaan cleans sewage from all of Eindhoven and its surroundings. The sewage treatment of Veldhoven is also being cleaned. During a walk around the site, the public is seeing how about 150 million liters of sewage will be cleaned on a daily basis. Employees of Water Board The Dommel explain how the sewage treatment works. At the toilet, toilet ladies tell in a comic manner what will happen to what visitors leave behind and give tips to save home water.

Walk along the Dommel

Every quarter of the century, a walk around the Dommel begins to experience the beauty of the Dommel. Experienced nature guides of IVN tell what lives and grows.

Water and climate. What can you do?

Due to climate change, we are faced with increasingly hot showers. Gardens are the perfect place to catch rain and avoid peaks on the sewer. Visitors will receive a personal advice for a climate-friendly garden based on a photo or map of their own garden. Employees of the water board, the municipality of Eindhoven and gardeners tell what is possible.

Fun for kids

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