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Signeersession John Flanagan

Lezing/Debat - Friday 02 June 2017

Vrijdag 2 juni 2017 vanaf 19:30

Signeersessie John Flanagan, Nieuwe Emmasingel 48, 5611 AM, Eindhoven

There will be a new part in the Early Years Series. And that's why writer John Flanagan comes to the Netherlands. On June 2nd you can meet him with us for signatures, photos and more. Are you coming? Sign up at

The early years of the Gray Hunters
Before they had earned their tracks as the country's most famous Gray Hunters and as incomplete leaders of the Hunter Corps, the young Halt and Crowley were already determined to improve the world.

About the early years part 2
In this second part of the exciting history of the Gray Hunter series, everything is about strategy and tactics and we learn how Halt became the most famous of all Gray Hunters. Now that he has escaped his punishment for treason, Morgarath collects an army of fierce Wargals to defeat the newly crowned King Duncan. Halt prepares for an almost impossible task: he has to spy the enemy and for that he has to climb the cliffs of the Mountains of Night and Rain, something that is impossible for all. It succeeds Halt to accomplish this vigilance, and in the battle that follows, the fate of the kingdom of Araluen is decided.