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The Factory on Sunday

Braderie, Markt - Sunday 11 June 2017

Dag Van Tot Toelichting
Zondag 11 juni 2017 12:00 18:00

De Fabriek op Zondag, Treurenburgstraat 57, 5613 EA, Eindhoven

The Factory On Sundays is an exclusive market with not only a lot of hugs with beautiful products, but also good food, drinks, music and workshops.

On the 11th of June, it will be a good stroll along many crams at Section-C in Eindhoven. Together with the catering and residents' existing restaurants, we make it a great day!
Section C will be famous for design lovers, it is one of Eindhoven's nicest spots during the annual Dutch Design Week.

Parking is free in the spacious car park opposite the entrance of Section-C. Check out the participants of the Factory on Sunday .