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Eveningsvierdaagse Maarheeze

Sportevenement, Varia, Wandeltocht - Tuesday 06 June 2017

Dinsdag 6 juni 2017 vanaf 18:00

De Smeltkroes Theater en Cultuur, kijkakkers 1, 6026 ER, Maarheeze

The runners start every day between 18:00 and 18:30. We leave just like last years every day from another location and we will be there again. See more information below. The KBO has also made 4 beautiful new routes this year! And the Guild reaffirms that incorrect use of arrows on lanterns and lanterns is avoided.
The last evening we try to make an extra big party by asking hikers to dress up like last year! We also invite everyone to encourage the walkers along the last stretch of the route or to catch a party. Like last year, the last evening at the melting pot, of course with music and a nice drink. If it's raining, we can make it cozy and dry here. Young participants who get dressed can grab a surprise! For the teenagers we have another surprise in store ...
Do you think 4 evenings run too much, for example, just want to go for one evening? Which can! Enroll for 1 evening can be at € 1, - each evening at the starting location and the cost per night.

Signing up Pay attention! Registering through the website can take place until Friday 2 June! After 2 June, registration is still possible on Tuesday 6 June at the starting point (football event at Sportpark de Romrijten). The more pre-registrations through the site, the faster you can start the evenings! You can simply sign up by clicking on 'Subscribe here!'
NB: If there are less than 20 registrations at 8 km distance, this will unfortunately be canceled and you will automatically walk the 5 km routes.

Departure locations and festive "incht" This year we want to go from another location every day. The departure location is also the arrival location per day. Please note, the locations are different than last year! • Tuesday 6th June: Soccer Ball at Sportpark de Romrijten (Philipsweg 2) • Wednesday 7 June: Manege de Boschhoeve (Bosphad 2, Soerendonk) • Thursday, June 8: Scouting Kizito (De Vloeten 4, Soerendonk) • Friday June 9th: The Melting Pot (Kijkakkers 1)
On Friday, June 9th, the participants will be invited to a festive party at the melting pot.

Guidance for children As in previous years, the organization will NOT provide guidance for any groups. The organization is therefore not responsible for the guidance of the youngest participants. If you want to walk in a group then that is possible. However, any member of a group must be registered in APART. This is to prevent any changes in groups from misrepresenting the distribution of the medals. It is therefore important not to lose your starting card.
Medals Each registered participant will receive an official KWBN medal (if all days have passed the entire route). Photo3Every time you join an evening of the KWBN, you can receive a follow-up medal. The first time you get a medal that states that you went for the first time. The second time you receive a medal with a 2, the third time a medal with a 3 and so on. If you have already participated in the evening4days (in Maarheeze or elsewhere), you can indicate this at your registration. This year we will release the new medals of the KWBN for the second time. The old medals are no longer delivered.

Cost The cost of participation amounts to € 4, - by pre-registration via the site. If you have not registered too late, you can report to the starting location on the first evening (Tuesday 6 June). You can then join for € 5, -. Because after-subscriptions on the first evening are workable and delayed, we would like to expressly request everyone to subscribe to this website. Hikers who do not need a medal receive a discount of € 1, -. But such a beautiful proof of participation would like everyone ?!
The evening4day is there for everyone! So young and old: join us!