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A Passionate life

Film - Saturday 24 June 2017

Zaterdag 24 juni 2017 vanaf 21:15

A Passionate life, Kastanjelaan 500, 5616 LZ, Eindhoven

This documentary, written and presented by John Eliot Gardiner, one of the world's leading performers of Bach's music, takes us on a physical, musical and intellectual journey in search of Bach the man and the musician. The most famous portrait of Bach shows him 62 years old, a rather unhappy looking old man with wig and formal jacket. However, this conservative image of Bach is in stark contrast to the life he led with public fights, periods in prison and smuggling of girls in his organ shelter. Gardiner undertakes a trip through Bachs Germany in this film and uses the relatively few information that Bach has to provide a complete picture of him. In addition, the focus on music is the most important source of information to get to know the true Bach. Bach's masterpieces performed especially for the film are over: the Matthäus Passion, the Johannes Passion and the Hohe Messe.