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Lecture: The Psychology of Secrets - Dr. Andreas Wismeijer

Lezing/Debat - Wednesday 14 June 2017

Woensdag 14 juni 2017 Vanaf 12:40 tot 13:35

Lezing: De psychologie van geheimen - Dr. Andreas Wismeijer, Den Dolech 2, 5612 AZ, Eindhoven

Loved on a colleague. Reporting your sick while lying on the beach. Everyone always loves something secret; Andreas Wismeijer explains why.

Everybody is behind something: many have little secrets and some are big. But what is a secret actually? How do you like something secret? And is having secrets really bad for your health or does it come with you? Andreas Wismeijer takes you into the world of secrets and explains what secrets teach us about human nature.