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Nepali Festival Namasté

Cultureel festival - Sunday 11 June 2017

Zondag 11 juni 2017 vanaf 14:00

Nepali Festival Namasté, Klokgebouw 300, 5617 AD, Eindhoven

Sunday, June 11th is the time for Nepali Festival Namasté, organized by the Health Foundation for Nepal. A festival where everyone can get acquainted with Nepalese culture and all the great things it has to offer.

Meet the country of Nepal and all its details! During Nepal Festival Namasté, you can experience some Nepalese music and dance and taste delicious Nepalese food. In addition, you can go to the pic in real Nepalese costume, take a look at LeukNepal's market and get a good Health for Nepal bracelet. All of course, in Nepalese spheres!

Health for Nepal Foundation is a relief organization dedicated to helping children in Nepal to improve their future prospects. For example, they offer education and small-scale assistance to poor people, especially children and the elderly, regardless of their religious and ethnic background.