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Once trained at Handball Sporting Nel

Evenement - Wednesday 23 May 2018


Hubertushal, Stationsstraat 25, 3910 Neerpelt, 3910 Neerpelt

Pagadders, born 2010/2011 (girls and boys) train Wednesday 15.30-16.30hr Hubertushal (Stationsstr 25, Neerpelt) Pagadders, born 2008/2009 (girls and boys) train Wednesday 16.30-17.30hr Hubertushal (stationsstr 25, Neerpelt) Welpen, born 2006/2007 (girls and boys) training Wednesday 17.30-18.30hr Hubertushal (Stationsstr 25, Neerpelt) Pupils, born 2004/2005 (girls and boys) training Wednesday 18.00-19.30hr Hubertushal Stationsstr 25, Neerpelt)