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Cycling and cycling routes

Cycling along several beautiful cycling routes.

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Cycling and cycling routes

Cycling for weeks on end along several beautiful cycling routes. It is possible in nature border park De Groote Heide, covering almost 15,000 (!) acres of beautiful nature. A vast, constantly alternating landscape of heath, forest, fens, farmland, meadows, streams and rivers. In addition to great natural beauty, the area also boasts charming villages and interesting cities, with many impressive buildings and outdoor cafés to enjoy. The area has hundreds of miles of excellent cycling routes that each have their own charm. So explore the possibilities, download a route for your mobile phone and let nature transport you!

De Groote Heide is located in six municipalities (Cranendonck, Eindhoven, Hamont-Achel, Heeze-Leende, Neerpelt and Valkenswaard) on both sides of the Belgian-Dutch border. A place to enjoy nature to the fullest and cycle as far as your legs will drive you. You will be surprised by the wide panoramas and special places that this nature reserve has to offer. From north to south, and east to west, each part has its own charm and is just waiting to be discovered. Experience the freedom of cycling and plan your own relaxed yet active cycling trip.

You can find download links for the routes for Google Maps and Google Earth below. Or have a look at our map for even more options to come out here and experience the area first-hand.