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Exploring De Groote Heide

Enjoy beauty, calm, silence, wide views and a 'clean' horizon.

There are many ways to explore the area: hiking, running, cycling, mountain biking, horseback riding... any day of the week, in any season...

De Groote Heide is actually a forgotten name for this giant cross-border nature reserve. Throughout the area there are still some smaller heathlands called the "Groote (or Grote) Heide", but there used to be only one. Around 1900 De Groote Heide extended from Eindhoven to no less than 20 kilometers across the Belgian border!

Since then large parts have been cultivated and replaced by forests, meadows and fields. While of course regrettable, it has made the area much more diverse and scenically attractive. And what's more, nature conservationists in both Belgium and the Netherlands are working to restore some of the former heathland.

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Exceptional and beautiful

For those who seek out the correct routes, it is still possible to experience De Groote Heide as one continuous area of natural beauty. Visitors will encounter varied, attractive and valuable gems of nature. It is not at all hard to roam around this vast area without being disturbed and crossing only the occasional road! Where else is this still possible? 

The ‘average’ outdoors(wo)man will feel right at home. And lovers of nature with specific interests will surely not be disappointed. There is good reason why a large part of De Groote Heide has been designated ‘Natura2000 area’ and why it ranks among the top 10 in Europe with regards to biodiversity.