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Amphibians and reptiles

Amphibians and reptiles are very special animals. They come in many shapes and sizes and De Groote Heide is home to many different species of them. This page has more information.

Gladde slang

One example of a reptile that lives on De Groote Heide is the smooth snake. While this snake is often confused with the adder, the adder is not an inhabitant of our area. Smooth snakes can be found on heathland, high moorland and push moraines. Their living environment is clearly limited to sandy soils.


Frogs are one of three groups of amphibians, salamanders and gymnophiona being the others two. Frogs are, however, by far the most common of the three. Using their famous vocal sacs frogs lure each other close, for example to mate.

There are many different kinds of amphibians and reptiles in the area. Below is a list of some of the species that call De Groote Heide their home:

Smooth newt

Common frog

Edible frog

Pool frog

Common lizard and smooth snake