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Flora De Groote Heide - winter Strabrecht

Flora on De Groote Heide

De Groote Heide has a great diversity of trees, plants and fungi. About 100 years ago this vast area consisted mostly of heathland. In the 1930s, however, afforestation of coniferous trees took place on a large scale. There was a very high demand for lumber from, for example, the mining industry, and unemployed workers were recruited en masse to plant trees on the heath. Prime examples of these areas are the Strabrechtse Heide, the Leenderbos and the Beverbeekse Heide. In more recent years, nature conservation organisations and area managers are working to restore the old natural biomes, including the heathland. The presence of coniferous forest, as well as the adaptations and new area designations, have attracted many new species of animal and plant to the area. If you appreciate a great richness of flora, De Groote Heide will certainly not disappoint.


During the 1930 large areas of De Groote Heide were converted into woodland. As a result the area is home to many different species of tree

Plants of De Groote Heide

The wealth of plants on De Groote Heide is as impressive as it is diverse. The heath itself needs no introduction of course, but there is much, much more besides.


Fungi - De Groote Heide

While mushrooms might not be the most popular area of interest for most people, enthusiasts and scholars of the wonderful world of mushrooms certainly do not want to miss out on the right season on De Groote Heide.


Due to the growth of special plants on De Groote Heide, there are also numerous animal species to be found.