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The most beautiful mushrooms

Paddenstoelen - De Groote Heide
Paddenstoelen - De Groote Heide


De Groote Heide is a vast and diverse area, home to many species of animal and plant, both below and above ground. When summer slowly fades, one kind of plant suddenly makes an appearance: the mushroom. While their growth period ranges from July to October, we usually strongly associate them with autumn. This page has more on several species of mushroom.


Mushrooms are often typified by their characteristic shape. Just like people, not all mushrooms look the same. The picture above shows mushrooms growing on a felled tree trunk, but you can also find them higher up on trees.


When you ask someone to draw a mushroom, they will probably present you with a shape like this. However, there are many varieties of mushrooms, all with their own features and peculiarities, very interesting!

There are many different types of mushrooms to be found in and around De Groote Heide, and we have listed a couple of them:

Fly agaric

Brown roll-rim