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Planten Groote Heide


De Groote Heide is a vast area and has, besides a great variety of animals, also many different plants. There is no shortage of flora for nature lovers who visit the area to enjoy. The diversity is certainly something to marvel at. Some species of smaller plants are in fact quite rare, while others are very common. Just one more reason why De Groote Heide is such a beautiful place!

Planten Groote Heide

Various areas of De Groote Heide have wet soil. This is due to the rivers and brook valleys of, for example, the Dommel and the Warmbeek/Tongelreep. This makes the area wet and allows for many different species of plant to flourish.

Planten Groote Heide

De Groote Heide has many different types of flora on offer. Large, small, fat, thin, beautiful, slightly less beautiful, short, tall, only encountered sporadically or abundant throughout the area. All special in their own way and fulfilling a different role in nature.

De Groote Heide is home to many different types of plants. See below for more information:



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