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There are many ways to reach De Groote Heide. On foot, by bike, on horseback or running. All (fairly) natural ways to get to the beautiful nature areas of Brabant and Limburg. Public transport will also take you to your desired destination, and of course the area is also accessible by car. By car every single corner of De Groote Heide is within reach. If you want to know where you can park your car heading into nature, you've come to the right place.

Venbergse Molen

De Groote Heide has many locations that serve as starting and finish points for many routes. The Venberg Water Mill in Valkenswaard is a good example of these. The mill is an excellent base of operations for exploring De Malpie. You can also park your car here, and a canoe rental place is also nearby. The address of the mill is Molenstraat 211, Valkenswaard. Directions>


At Heidecafé de Strabrechtse Heide many people start their nature excursion, or come to enjoy a nice drink and bite to eat. It is located at Plaetse 71A, Heeze.


This parking space is located next to Heeze Castle and a good place to visit the castle and surrounding nature from. The address is Boschlaan 24, Heeze. Directions>

A parking space located just north of the Stratumse Heide and Leenderheide, only a short drive from Eindhoven. The address is Rendierveld 45, Eindhoven. Directions>

A parking place of The Dutch Forestry Commission in the middle of nature. It is located on the Strijperpad in Leende, just off the Valkenswaardseweg between Leende and Valkenswaard. Directions>

From Domein de Bever near the Beverbeekse Heide several cycling and hiking routes in and around Hamont-Achel are within reach. The address is Beverbekerdijk 50, Hamont-Achel. Directions>

The Hutten in Lommel in Belgium takes you close to the Plateaux-Hageven nature reserve. An excellent place for a drink or bite to eat before or after your trip. The address is Luikersteenweg 626, Lommel. Directions>



The visitor centre of Plateaux-Hageven has parking spaces from where you can start your day off in nature. The visitor centre also has information on the flora and fauna of the area. The address is Tussenstraat 10, Neerpelt. Directions>

Parking is available at the Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof in Neerpelt. From here you can visit the Klankenbos, but also the Boseind Play Forest ​​and Kolisbos Play Forest. The address is Toekomstlaan 5, Neerpelt. Directions>

Hamont-Achel has parking facilities located at the Brouwersstraat 17. This is within easy striking distance of Cranendonck and also puts you near the Achelse Kluis. An excellent place to start your cycling trip, for example. The address is Brouwersstraat 17, Hamont-Achel. Directions>

There's many a cycling and hiking trail that passes by the Achelse Kluis, and many people use it as a start and finish point. Of course there's also parking spaces here. The address is De Kluis 1, Hamont-Achel. Directions>

Café de Hospes is a bicycle café where many cycling tours start. It is also possible to reach the cafe by car. The parking space puts you near the Achelse Kluis, Cranendonck Castle and Leenderbos. So there's more than enough destinations to choose from. The address is Strijperdijk 46, Leende. Directions>


Of course there are many more places to start and finish on De Groote Heide. For more information, please visit the tourism websites of the municipality in question.

- VVV Cranendonck - This is Eindhoven

- Tourism Hamont-Achel - VVV Heeze-Leende

- Tourism Neerpelt - VVV Valkenswaard