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Fotowedstrijd De Groote Heide

De mooie wandelingen door het kleurrijke bos, het geluid van vallende bladeren, de frisse lucht die je inademt, de paddenstoelen langs de paden. Als je dat voelt en ziet, dan weet je dat het herfst is.
Heb je dit ook al geconstateerd terwijl je door De Groote Heide liep? Als je dat nog niet hebt kunnen zien en ervaren gaat  dit binnenkort vast en zeker gebeuren. De eerste bladeren zijn al gevallen en krijgen langzamerhand de mooie herfstkleuren.

Fotowedstrijd De Groote Heide

The photo competition 'autumn 2017' has ended. The new competition will be launched in spring / summer 2018. The theme will be 'The Great Enjoyment'. If you want to know who the winners of the autumn competition are, check out the news item about the award ceremony .

Let the photographer in you!

Autumn has started! Gradually the forest turns yellow-red and the trees lose their leaves. The squirrels collect acorns and bury them for the upcoming winter time.
There is a fascinating metamorphosis visible here that hopefully captures you very nicely. Entries can be photos, but also drone images or 360 ° photos are allowed. When assessing these images, the quality, creativity and originality of the submission are examined and the extent to which the theme 'autumn' is well represented. View here a beautiful impression of autumn.

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Voting and prizes
The voting on, and viewing of, the entries is possible via Facebook ( view here ) and here on the website . On Facebook this is done on the basis of likes, on the website on the basis of a ranking of stars. The two best-rated photos will be nominated together with eight photographs chosen by the professional jury. These 10 nominees can be voted again, from which the three highest judges have the chance to win:

  • Accommodation package De Groote Heide worth € 250, -
  • Day package De Groote Heide worth € 100, -
  • The Groote Heide package worth € 50, -

Maybe your submission is likely to win one of these prizes! You can send in until 1 December. on 4 December, the ten nominees will be announced. After this, 10 nominated photos can be voted until December 18th.

The professional jury consists of Mart Wijnen (chairman of the steering committee De Groote Heide), photographer Marijn Heuts and filmmaker Ton van Moll. View the promotion conditions here . Check out which entries won the photo contest spring 2017 .

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