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Photo contest | De Groote Heide

The beautiful walks through the forest, the fresh air you breathe... De Groote Heide is outdoor at its best. And it’s big, really big! It’s where numerous smaller nature reserves come together, each with their own unique qualities, charms and possibilities. An unique reserve for nature and of course photography lovers. Because De Groote Heide is one of the best places to shoot the best nature pictures.

Fotowedstrijd De Groote Heide

The photo competition 'autumn 2017' has ended. The new competition will be launched in spring/summer 2018. The theme will be 'The Great Enjoyment'. If you want to know who the winners of the autumn competition are, please read the news item about the award ceremony.

Voting and prizes


To see the photo's and vote on your favourites, please go to (Facebook) or here on the website. The votes on Facebook are counted by likes, on the website this is done by of a ranking of stars. The two best-rated photos will be nominated together with eight photographs chosen by the professional jury. There will then be a second round of voting on these ten nominees, of which three have a chance to win great prices.

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