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Hiking and hiking trails

Walking through the most beautiful areas of Limburg (BE) and Brabant (NL).


Hiking and hiking trails

De Groote Heide, a nature reserve covering almost 15,000 (!) acres of beautiful nature, has endless opportunities for hiking. Stretching from the green southern part of Eindhoven to well across the Belgian-Dutch border towards Hamont-Achel and Neerpelt, this beautiful area of woods and heathland is just waiting to be discovered by you. De Groote Heide is well worth a visit, not only for its diversity of flora and fauna, but also for the nice and hospitable villages and cities. There are kilometres aplenty, so never take the same route twice and let nature transport you! This page contains more information on the area's hiking trails.Have a good look, download them and let nature transport you!

Various routes

The varied landscape of De Groote Heide make it a rewarding place for photographers. The area is an endless string of heathland, fens, woods, water and special monuments. With a bit of luck you can incorporate all these elements in a single walk. The unique biodiversity means there are plants and animals here that you don't find elsewhere anymore. So bring a pair of binoculars with you to do some rare species spotting along the way.
The nature reserves also have watchtowers or birdwatching places to gaze at animals in complete peace and quiet.

The diversity of nature also allows for many types of walks. Scroll further down for an overview of all hikes. Look at the offer, pick a route and experience the area. Below you can download the routes for Google Maps and Google Earth.Or have a look at our map for even more options.