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Trails and Trailrunning routes

Running through beautiful nature and across borders.

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Trails and trailrunning routes

De Groote Heide, a nature reserve of almost fifteen thousand (!) acres of beautiful nature, offers many opportunities for trailrunning. From the green southern side of Eindhoven, to well across the Belgian-Dutch border in Hamont-Achel and Neerpelt, you can run for hours without being disturbed. The diversity of flora & fauna provides ultimate peace of mind while running  through the different landscapes. Woodland, heathland, fens, fields and meadows alternate to inspire and rejuvenate you with their beauty. This page contains a number of trailrunning routes. View and download them and let nature transport you!

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The varied landscape of De Groote Heide is unique and unlike any other part of the Netherlands. And the area is extra special because it spans two countries. On both sides of the Belgian-Dutch border, six municipalities (Cranendonck, Eindhoven, Hamont-Achel, Heeze-Leende, Neerpelt and Valkenswaard) work together to nurture their collective nature and raise awareness.

Due to the diversity of the landscape there are many different routes in the area. Check out the offer below, find a route and get on track! Below you can download routes for Google Maps and Google Earth. Other possibilities can be found on our map.