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Hiking - Around the Leenderheide 9.4 km

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A hike of over 9 km across the northern part of De Groote Heide: The Leenderheide. On this stretch of heathland you just might run into a herd of Kempic heath sheep. And for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat there is the ancient pub of 'De Hut van Mie Pils'. The starting and end point of the route is near the village of Aalst that boasts many historical sights, including the Aalster Mill, a grain mill dating back to 1904. Also worth a visit are the 1906 Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Prestatiekerk church and the Treeswijk estate, with a villa dating back to 1829.

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Fietsknooppunt: 66
Fietsknooppunt: 66; Gebied: Waalre
Fietsknooppunt: 76
Fietsknooppunt: 76; Gebied: Heeze-Leende
Fietsknooppunt: 79
Fietsknooppunt: 79; Gebied: Heeze-Leende
Wandelknooppunt: 98
Wandelknooppunt: 98; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 60
Wandelknooppunt: 60; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 94
Wandelknooppunt: 94; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 96
Wandelknooppunt: 96; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 65
Wandelknooppunt: 65; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 63
Wandelknooppunt: 63; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 62
Wandelknooppunt: 62; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 67
Wandelknooppunt: 67; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 61
Wandelknooppunt: 61; Gebied: Heeze-Leende; : Traject naar 64 is er wel ooit geweest, maar door gevaarlijke overgang van snelweg verdwenen. Staat her en der nog wel op de papieren kaarten.
Wandelknooppunt: 99
Wandelknooppunt: 99; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 87
Wandelknooppunt: 87; Gebied: Waalre;
Wandelknooppunt: 85
Wandelknooppunt: 85; Gebied: Waalre;
Wandelknooppunt: 86
Wandelknooppunt: 86; Gebied: Waalre;
Stratumse Heide

Up and down, up and down, this heathland sure is bumpy. This is because the area used to be a drift sand region that wasn't afforested until the 1930s. Other parts were left untouched and turned into heath. Many trees you find here are wildshoots. Because of strong wind exposure their shapes are much more jagged than planted trees.

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De Plaetse 71A, 5591 TX Heeze, Netherlands

040 227 9817

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A gorgeous area that is enclosed on virtually all sides by other nature reserves. It is, however, partly cut off from its surrounding area by two motorways. In order to allow animals to go from one area to the other, a wildlife crossing has been constructed over de A2 motorway. Hikers and cyclists have the option to use one of three viaducts.

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Windmolenstraat 10, 3910 Neerpelt, Belgium

The cabin of Mie Pils

The Mie Pils Hut can be used as starting point, stop and end point. From here you have the opportunity to enter different areas for walking or cycling. The address is Leenderweg 1 Waalre. There is also a parking space, so the Mie Pils Hut often serves as the starting and ending point for many cycling and hiking trips.

Leenderweg 1, 5583 TC Waalre, Netherlands


040 221 2892

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Parking Huisvenseweg Heeze

In Heeze on Huisvenseweg 16 is a parking lot. From here you can enjoy De Groote Heide to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. From the parking lot you are almost immediately in the Leenderheide and Strabrechtse Heide.

Parking Huisvenseweg Heeze

Near Leenderbos and Leenderheide you have space for parking and your journey through nature.

(This photo of the Leenderheide is made by Jean van DIjck).


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