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Hiking - Soerendonks Goor and Gastelse Heide 9 km

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This is a quiet walk with lots of diversity. From the start at Soerendonk you walk past hayfields in the direction of the Soerendonks Goor. In this quiet area close to the Belgium border you enter a marshy nature area with forests and heathland where you will soon leave all the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you. These wetlands with woods and heath make way for the Gastelse Heide with its imposing pine trees, as well as some birch and oak. In Gastel you pass the St. Cornelius Chapel from 1855, situated on the triangular square. Further along the route you enter the hamlet of Winkel and Soerendonk, with some characteristic Kempen farms. Other sights in Soerendonk are the Sint Jans Onthoofding church and a state church from 1838. All in all a nice walk through nature border park De Groote Heide with various attractions. 

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Fietsknooppunt: 59
Fietsknooppunt: 59; Gebied: Cranendonck
Fietsknooppunt: 05
Fietsknooppunt: 05; Gebied: Cranendonck
Fietsknooppunt: 06
Fietsknooppunt: 06; Gebied: Cranendonck
Fietsknooppunt: 03
Fietsknooppunt: 03; Gebied: Cranendonck
Fietsknooppunt: 01
Fietsknooppunt: 01; Gebied: Cranendonck
Wandelknooppunt: 98
Wandelknooppunt: 98; Gebied: Cranendonck;
Wandelknooppunt: 84
Wandelknooppunt: 84; Gebied: Cranendonck;
Wandelknooppunt: 86
Wandelknooppunt: 86; Gebied: Cranendonck;
Wandelknooppunt: 91
Wandelknooppunt: 91; Gebied: Cranendonck;
Wandelknooppunt: 87
Wandelknooppunt: 87; Gebied: Cranendonck;
Wandelknooppunt: 83
Wandelknooppunt: 83; Gebied: Cranendonck;
Wandelknooppunt: 81
Wandelknooppunt: 81; Gebied: Cranendonck;
Wandelknooppunt: 89
Wandelknooppunt: 89; Gebied: Cranendonck;
Wandelknooppunt: 82
Wandelknooppunt: 82; Gebied: Cranendonck;
Wandelknooppunt: 92
Wandelknooppunt: 92; Gebied: Cranendonck;
The Soerendonks Goor

The Soerendonks Goor, in the source area of ​​the Strijper Aa, was exploited despite fierce protests in 1957. That business was not successful. Twenty years later, the procedure was reversed. Since then, the wet nature has the necessary living space again. In winter there are many ducks and herons, including the great Egret. There is a birdhouse on the edge of the lake where you have a good view of the birds without disturbing them.

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Municipality of Cranendonck

The municipality of Cranendonck is where Brabant and Limburg converge, where Belgium and the Netherlands meet in a smooth transition of pure peace and relaxation, from nature to lively outdoor cafés. Cranendonk is a large municipality of De Groote Heide and covers Budel, Budel-Dorplein, Budel-Schoot, Gastel, Maarheeze and Soerendonk.


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