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Hiking - Hamont-Achel trappist trail 7.1 km

Description >

A trappist trail is a beer route that takes you from pub to pub past beautiful nature and interesting sights in Belgian Limburg. The starting point is at the Church of St. Monulphus and St. Gongulphus, being the parish church of Achel in the Belgian province of Limburg. The church is located at the Michielsplein. The trail leads past various different buildings such as Simonshuis, which is completely surrounded by parkland. It was built by Willem Simons, a descendant of a “teuten” family (a teut was a traveling trader or craftsman), of whom several served in the capacity of mayor. The open farmlands, peaceful and vast nature areas, scented coniferous forests and surprising historic buildings in the village centre make Hamont-Achel an ideal destination for hikers and cyclists.

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Municipality of Hamont-Achel

The open agricultural landscape, the silent expansive nature areas, the scented coniferous forests and the surprising historical testimonies in the centers make Hamont-Achel the place for hikers and cyclists. Hamont-Achel is central to the cycling route network of the Brabant and Limburg Kempen. The 450 kilometer cycle routes run along the most beautiful monuments and green areas of the region. Many well-defined hiking trails are also connected. Discover in De Groote Heide this boundless charm walking, cycling, by car or by bus or by a tour guide.

Rul 31, 5591 TV Heeze, Netherlands

06 53236704

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Restaurant Koeckhofs

Next to the hotel there is also a Koeckhofs restaurant. Eating and sleeping is therefore possible at the same location in Hamont-Achel. Here you can go to 14:00 in the afternoon and in the evening again from 18:00. Before, during or after your trip you can go here to enjoy the most delicious meals.

Brasserie De Kapetulie

Brasserie De Kapetulie is a place for almost a day for a snack and a drink. Start your route here in Hamont-Achel and come back in the day to pamper yourself. At The Capetule there is something for everyone.

Dorpsstraat 5, 3930 Hamont-Achel, Belgium

011 64 34 58

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Hotel-Restaurant Koeckhofs

The Koeckhofs is a 4-star hotel restaurant located in the beautiful Achel. Nearby are various hiking and cycling routes that are definitely worth the effort to follow. These routes take you along the most beautiful nature and various beautiful monuments. Koeckhof's hotel restaurant is located at Michielsplein 2 in Achel.

Michielsplein 4, 3930 Hamont-Achel, Belgium

011 64 31 81

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