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Hiking - Through the Dommel valley 6.5 km

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The banks of the Dommel river make for really nice walks. This route takes you to the Dommel valley near Borkel in Brabant, close to the Belgian border, and through old pastures and forests. The Dommel is a small river that rises near Peer in Belgium and enters the Netherlands at Borkel. While hiking through the pastures you'll see arid meadows and hayfields with orchids and special plants such as marsh lousewort. The smaller plots were parcelled out as far back as the Middle Ages and in some places you can still see the old woodwalls that separate them. The forests are somewhat younger, and you'll walk below oak, willow and silver birch trees. This area is remarkably quiet, even for Brabant standards. What better place to completely clear your head! In Borkel you pass the Saint Anthony Abbot, a flour mill from 1865. Next to the windmill is a botanical garden with traditional Kempen farm herbs and vegetables. 

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Fietsknooppunt: 31
Fietsknooppunt: 31; Gebied: Valkenswaard
Fietsknooppunt: 32
Fietsknooppunt: 32; Gebied: Valkenswaard
Wandelknooppunt: 05
Wandelknooppunt: 05; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
Wandelknooppunt: 06
Wandelknooppunt: 06; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
Wandelknooppunt: 22
Wandelknooppunt: 22; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
Wandelknooppunt: 24
Wandelknooppunt: 24; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
Wandelknooppunt: 25
Wandelknooppunt: 25; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
Wandelknooppunt: 82
Wandelknooppunt: 82; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
Wandelknooppunt: 94
Wandelknooppunt: 94; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
Wandelknooppunt: 92
Wandelknooppunt: 92; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
Wandelknooppunt: 93
Wandelknooppunt: 93; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
Wandelknooppunt: 21
Wandelknooppunt: 21; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
Wandelknooppunt: 23
Wandelknooppunt: 23; Gebied: Valkenswaard;
The Dommel

The Dommel originates near the Belgian Helchteren and ends at 's-Hertogenbosch via the Dieze in the Meuse. Several or more extensive nature reserves have been established at several places in and along this brook valley, including at Waalre. The Dommel opens at 's-Hertogenbosch via the Dieze in the Meuse.

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Eetcafé De Woeste Hoeve

In the heart of Borkel, where many cycling and walking routes run, lies the café De Woeste Hoeve. Here you can go for a nice bite and drink after a route through nature. A delicious cup of coffee with pastries, a snack, a drink, a delicious simple card, seasonal specialties and a delicious stew or cup of coffee in winter. Here is an old-fashioned Brabant atmosphere. The Woeste Hoeve is located at Monseigneur Kuypersplein 6 in Valkenswaard.

Mgr. Kuypersplein 6, 5556 VS Valkenswaard, Netherlands


040 221 9107

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Restaurant de Zwaan

In Borkel and Schaft close to the Dutch-Belgian border is Restaurant de Zwaan. Here you can go for the best meals. At the restaurant you can enjoy the best dishes. It is near the Achelse Safe and Plateaux Hageven. Mgr. Kuijpersplein 18 Valkenswaard is the address.

Mgr. Kuijpersplein 18, 5556 VS Valkenswaard, Netherlands


040 206 8326

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