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Hiking - City walk through the heart of Eindhoven 10.3 km

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Eindhoven is well-known for its bustling city centre, nice bars and restaurants and big companies such as Philips and DAF. But Eindhoven, of course, has much more to offer. What about a walk along the Dommel, the beautiful river that runs through the city? This route begins in the nature off Genneper Parken and also ends there. There’s lots to see here, from brooks and meadows to forests. In particular the Genneper Mill is well worth a visit, as it dates back to 1249 (!). The best thing about this hike is that while being a city hike, it still feels like pure nature. Via Oud-Stratum you walk back to the Dommel Valley and follow the west bank of the river, with its beautiful marsh plants such as butterbur and marsh woundwort. In addition to plants you will find several species of tree here, including white willow and black alder. Walking along the banks is quite special as you can see and hear the city all around you. Near the end of the route you pass through the Dommelplantsoen, with its abundance of nature. This forested wetland is where the Dommel and Tongelreep rivers meet. Some paths consist of stick bridges, as the area can be quite moist. So while this might on paper be a city walk, do make sure to bring excellent hiking shoes!

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Genneper Watermolen

The Genneper watermill (also called Gennepermolen) is a watermill in Genneper Parks. The mill is located on the Genneperweg, along the Dommel in the Gestel district.

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Genneperweg 143, 5644 RS Eindhoven, Netherlands

040 257 1772

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Eindhoven municipality

Eindhoven, the quirky and energetic city. Eindhoven is a powerful vibrant city. A city that makes it possible. A city that bursts out of energy. Of thoughtfulness, pleasure and pleasure. You will find a constant flow of new developments in creativity, innovation, technology, design and knowledge. Below Eindhoven falls Genneper Parks in Groote Heide, this is a beautiful piece of nature.

Gijzenrooi 7, 5661 PA Geldrop, Netherlands

06 55858822

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Prehistoric village of Eindhoven

There are six different periods in the prehistoric village in Eindhoven. From prehistory to the Middle Ages. Together with family, friends or your class, this day is a beautiful time trip. Even companies can go to the village for a team day or a meeting in a special location. The address is Boutenslaan 161B in Eindhoven.

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Boutenslaan 161B, 5644 TV Eindhoven, Netherlands

040 252 2281

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Glow Eindhoven

Just something different from nature, yet enjoy? Eindhoven offers many possibilities, but Glow is a very special one. Each event this event is organized. Through the Brabant city, Glow was beautifully decorated. There are also many artworks to be seen. And what does it all look like? All of this is of course, in particular, relieved. An evening glow is therefore a must.

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Ton Smits House

Ton Smits once said, "My subject is thinking. Not just about cartoons, but about everything, because everything has to do with cartoons. " The cartoonist's museum opened her doors in 1983 in Eindhoven. Until today, exhibitions with different themes are displayed. The address of the museum is Jacob Reviuslaan 25 in Eindhoven.

More information

Jacob Reviuslaan 25, 5644 TP Eindhoven, Netherlands

040 211 4786

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Genneper Hoeve

The Genneper Hoeve is a (almost) self-sufficient farm. There are cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and cheese making. In addition, there is a shop where own products are sold. Products that are grown on farms and farms. Here you can visit the animals every day of the week and possibly even help. There is also time and space to eat something and eat something small.

Tongelreeppad 1, 5644 RZ Eindhoven, Netherlands

040 207 0455

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First Eindhovense Pony Riding School

In the Genneper Parks there is also a riding stable next to beautiful nature. The first Eindhoven Pony Manege is located on the outskirts of Eindhoven. Rural and in the middle of nature. All amenities are available for pure driving pleasure. That starts with a variety of horses and ponies.

More information

Genneperweg 144-A, 5644 RT Eindhoven, Netherlands

040 251 8391

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Pavilion Genneper Parks

Between the Dommel and the Tongelreep on the Antoon Cooolenlan 2A in Eindhoven lies Pavilion Genneper Parken. Here you can play midget golf and then plunge on the terrace. Throughout the year you can go there during the day and evening and activities are organized for young and old.

Antoon Coolenlaan 2a, 5644 RX Eindhoven, Netherlands

040 252 4632

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Hampshire Hotel Parkzicht Eindhoven

With the beautiful surroundings and views of the Stadswandelpark, Hampshire Hotel Parkzicht Eindhoven is an experience per se. In addition, you will also experience all the possibilities the area has to offer, such as De Genneper Parks, Het Dommeldal and the Stratumse Heide, a stone's throw away. The hotel is located on Albertdingk Thijmlaan 18 in Eindhoven.

More information

Alberdingk Thijmlaan 18, 5615 EB Eindhoven, Netherlands

040 214 6640

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