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Hiking - The Tomp tower route 4.8 km

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Tower train trail

This scenic route circles around the Tomp, a remnant of the tower mill near Achel. The Grevenbroek Tomp rises lonely above this low-lying marsh and forest area. The Tomp is what remains of a tower mill near the Belgian village of Achel. For a long while people weren't sure about the origins of the Tomp. Initially it was assumed to be the remains of a castle tower, and in 1968 this led to its incorrect restoration.  It wasn't until the end of the 20th century that researchers discovered it to be the remains of a mill through comparative research. This imposing building dates back to the first half of the 15th century and is fully surrounded by beautiful nature!

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De Grevenbroekmolen - Hamont-Achel

In the municipality of Hamont-Achel is the Grevenbroekmolen, or 'Het Mulke', an underwater water mill on the Warmbeek, built in 1770. She served for grinding grain and buckwheat. In 1774 an oil mill was placed opposite this mill. In 1920 she had already been shut down, while the thrust was moved in 1973 and a bridge was built. The building is still present, although the watercourse has disappeared.

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Broekkant 83, 6021 CV Budel, Netherlands

0495 491 552

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Beverbeek Heath

Many place names in Hamont-Achel still refer to the heath that used to be commonplace. A beautiful example is the Beverbeekse Heide. It wasn't until the second half of the last century that the heathlands here were converted to pine forest. Did the heath completely disappear? No, not entirely. Here and there, at the edges of the forest and in clearings, it survives. Those brave remnants have recently gained a lot more space through natural connections.

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Molenstraat 21, 5664 HV Geldrop, Netherlands

040 286 3574

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Domein de Bever

At Domein de Bever you will find yourself near several cycling and hiking routes in and around Hamont-Achel. The Beverbeekse Heide is just around the corner. The address is Beverbekerdijk 50 in Hamont-Achel.

The Tomp

The Tomp is a residue of a tower mill and is located in Achel. During a cycling trip around the Warmbeek (BE) / Tongelreep (NE) in Hamont-Achel, a trip to the Tomp is definitely worth a visit. The old tower mill is surrounded by beautiful green nature and water. There was long doubt about the purpose of the ruin previously. The remains of a tower mill or the castle tower of a castle. In 1968 the tower was even erroneously restored, namely a castle tower. However, in the 1990s, they realized that they had made a mistake.

Tomperweg, 3930 Hamont-Achel, Belgium

0474 83 52 15

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