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MTB - Mierlo 17.1 km

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Start location: You can start this route at:
- The information panel at Geldropseweg, 5731 AD in Mierlo (opposite the war cemetery). Parking is available here.
Surroundings: The route extends largely across the Molenheide and Braakhuizense Heide, located between Geldrop and Mierlo. The Molenheide is characterised by coniferous trees and because open spaces have been created here and there, tree species such as oak and birch have had the opportunity to grow, making it a mixed forest. The Braakhuizense Heide is a unique stretch of nature with some fens. The combination of these two areas provides a varied and diverse environment.
Nature of the route: You can see the first fen on the route, the Molenven, shortly after the start. The uneven area around Schietbergen adds many small climbs and descents to the route. The trail makes for a great training leg and offers plenty of opportunities to practice different techniques. While more than suitable for less experienced riders, this route also poses challenges to more veteran mountain bikers.
There is a connection with the route in Someren-Lierop, Nuenen and Waalre, meaning that the various routes can be combined.

Practical information >
Fietsknooppunt: 87
Fietsknooppunt: 87; Gebied: Heeze-Leende
Wandelknooppunt: 46
Wandelknooppunt: 46; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 50
Wandelknooppunt: 50; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 45
Wandelknooppunt: 45; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Bospark 't Wolfsven

Bospark 't Wolfsven is located in Mierlo and near the Strabrechtse Heide. The holiday homes in this park are all detached and surrounded by woods. Next to the Strabrechtse Heide you are also very close to De Leenderheide and The Stratumse Heide. Surrounded by all this beautiful nature, this park is on the Patrijslaan 4 in Mierlo.

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Patrijslaan 4, 5731 XN Mierlo, Netherlands


088 044 4999

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