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Hiking - Round the Strabrechtse Heide 17.3 km

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This circle trail on the Strabrechtse Heide leads past fens including the Beuven, the largest of its kind in the Netherlands. A good starting place for this route is Heidecafé De Strabrechtse Heide, with excellent food and drinks on offer before or after your trip. The trail runs through the Herbertusbossen and the Strabrechtse Heide, and both nature areas are a sight to behold.

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Fietsknooppunt: 63
Fietsknooppunt: 63; Gebied: Heeze-Leende
Fietsknooppunt: 88
Fietsknooppunt: 88; Gebied: Heeze-Leende
Fietsknooppunt: 62
Fietsknooppunt: 62; Gebied: Heeze-Leende
Fietsknooppunt: 96
Fietsknooppunt: 96; Gebied: Heeze-Leende
Wandelknooppunt: 54
Wandelknooppunt: 54; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 48
Wandelknooppunt: 48; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 49
Wandelknooppunt: 49; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 01
Wandelknooppunt: 01; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 52
Wandelknooppunt: 52; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 47
Wandelknooppunt: 47; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 53
Wandelknooppunt: 53; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 44
Wandelknooppunt: 44; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Wandelknooppunt: 80
Wandelknooppunt: 80; Gebied: Heeze-Leende;
Strabrechtse Heide

The Strabrechtse Heide is a vast heath landscape with beautiful panoramas. The area of approximately 3700 acres covers parts of the municipalities of Heeze-Leende, Someren and Geldrop-Mierlo. During your visit you might just run into the shepherd with his flock.

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This beautiful area is situated to the west of Heeze in the municipality of Heeze-Leende. A remarkable feature are the kingfishers that brood in tree stumps. Fun fact: due to a cartographic error in the past this area is also commonly called the Hubertusbossen.

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FiekensHeikant 53, 3910 Neerpelt, Belgium

011 66 36 65

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Castle Heeze

Heeze Castle is one of the most important state monuments in the Netherlands. Not in the least because of the unique location of the castle, with a full moat, amidst a beautiful natural landscape in the vicinity of the Strabrechtse Heide and the mostly 18th century interior of the castle that has remained intact over the course of many centuries.

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De Plaetse parking area

The Plaetse is a parking place in Heeze. It is located on the Rul street near heathside café ‘De Strabrechtse Heide’.

Heathside café

The 'De Strabrechtse Heide' heathside café is one of the most beautiful spots in Heeze and surroundings. From here you can spend a day in nature or just have a drink and a bite to eat. The heath cafe is located on the Strabrechtse Heide, an area that guarantees beautiful cycling and hiking trips.

Leprechaun road Strabrechtse Heide

On the Strabrechtse Heide lies a gulf path that you can walk. You get a handsome bag filled with sweets on the go. On the way you listen to a story from the ghost book and do your gnome assignments.

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Fish pond Heeze

The fish pond of Heeze. Near the Heidecafe and in the middle of Strabrechtse Heide, what else do you want? Take your fishing tackle and hit the hook.


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