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What is De Groote Heide

De Groote Heide has many faces, many attractions, and is both of exceptional importance and astounding beauty!

Almost fifteen thousand (!) acres of gorgeous nature covering territory of six municipalities (Cranendonck , Eindhoven , Hamont-Achel , Heeze-Leende , Neerpelt and Valkenswaard) that border both sides of the Belgium-Dutch border. Municipalities that have joined forces to nourish ‘their’ natural property, as well as to raise awareness.

De Groote Heide is a unique reserve for scholars and lovers of nature alike. A substantial part has been designated Natura2000 area. When it comes to biodiversity, De Groote Heide ranks among the top 10 in Europe. And if this isn’t enough of a recommendation for you: the place also has an astounding beauty.

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What is De Groote Heide

De Groote Heide is outdoor at its best. And it’s big, really big! It’s where numerous smaller nature reserves come together, each with their own unique qualities, charms and possibilities. These areas are linked by an excellent network of bicycle and hiking paths that – if you plan your route correctly – steer you well clear of the main traffic arteries. In between and around you will find yourself surrounded by gorgeous countryside and farmland. And of course: water! The area is sprinkled with dozens of pools. From the south springs a wide fan of creeks and streams, culminating in the Dommel near Eindhoven. De Groote Heide is beautiful, tranquil and quiet, and that is how it should stay. But we must also be brave enough to share this beautiful paradise with other outdoors(wo)men.