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Speelbos Boseind

Boseind Play Forest

In April 2013, the idea was born to expand the play forest behind the scouting buildings to give the children and scouts of Boseind even more space to play and be in nature. The municipality supported the idea and worked to make it a reality with the help of a number of people. The play forest became bigger and is now a great place to take the kids and be active in nature.

Speelbos Boseind

The Boseind Play Forest is a place to climb and clamber surrounded by nature. There's hours of fun to be had in this forest.

Speelbos Boseind

The forest is also a nice place for little ones to get acquainted with nature. There's just so much to do in and around the forest.

The Boseind Play Forest ​​lies between the Klankenbos and Kolisbos Play Forest and together these three forests represent hours of playing pleasure. The forest is part of the Belgian municipality of Neerpelt and is located in the southwest of De Groote Heide. The Buitenheide and Plateaux-Hageven are but a stone's throw away and these two beautiful nature areas offer more options for recreation, such as a nice hike or bike ride.