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De Malpie

De Malpie

De Malpie is located only a stone's throw away from Valkenswaard. Because of the incredible beauty of the area, Valkenswaard was named “Hiking Municipality of the Year” in 2016. The area consists of heathland (the Malpiebergse Heide) and beautiful fens, as well as the Dommel river and some woodland. De Malpie is an ideal and varied hiking and cycling area that many visitors to De Groote Heide make sure to include in their trips. In particular local restaurant the Venbergse Watermolen is a well-known and much-loved port of call.


De Malpie is a beloved hiking and cycling area.

From the Venbergse Watermolen a cycle path leads to Borkel en Schaft.
From there one has a great view of the fens with its many black-headed gulls and other varied scenery. There are also signposted hiking trails.


Did you know that De Malpie is one of Brabant's Nature Gateways? It is an ideal starting point for a wonderful cycling, hiking or canoe trip. The former miller's house is home to café-restaurant Venbergse Molen. And a bit further down the street you will find Rofra canoe rental and other activities on offer. The Valkenswaard Carriages Museum has an amazing collection of luxury carriages and the Stenen Brug serves traditionally prepared farmstead ice-cream.

Small heathland

The Malpiebergse Heide is a nice open patch of heathland that is mostly owned by the municipality of Valkenswaard. The Dutch Society for the Preservation of Nature also owns a small part, bordering the forested area that is part of Malpie.

Forest area with woodpeckers and bats

The former production forest, serving the local mining industry, is slowly transforming in a more natural deciduous forest. The effect of this is already quite noticeable. While walking through the forest you will encounter countless species of birds that would not have been comfortable here only a couple of years ago. You can spot and hear different species of woodpecker, including the European green woodpecker and great spotted woodpecker.
De Malpie also has a bat cellar that is home to long-eared and natterer's bats. For more information, please visit the website of the Society for the Preservation of Nature for more information.

About the area

De Malpie is a natural reserve that is part of the municipality of Valkenswaard. It consists of two separate areas.
The Malpiebeemden is an area of approximately 536 acres.
It is located between Valkenswaard and Borkel en Schaft and the property of the Dutch Society for the Preservation of Nature.

The Malpiebossen and De Malpie nature reserve is a continuous area almost 1,000 acres big and owned by the municipality. Almost 300 acres of this consists of heathland and fens.