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Dommeldal-De Hogt

The Dommel river rises near Helchteren in Belgium and discharges into the Maas river near 's-Hertogenbosch via the Dieze. This valley is home to several nature reservation of varying sizes, including Dommeldal-De Hogt to the north-west of Waalre.

Dommeldal - De Groote Heide

If you continue your walk upstream along the Dommel river, you will eventually reach Eindhoven. At the High Tech Campus, on the south side of Eindhoven, the Dommel river has been beautifully incorporated into the campus park. The Dommel river then flows right through the city, between the Van Abbe Museum and the town hall, towards the TU/e campus. To the west and north side of the campus, where the Dommel valley widens considerably, the TU/e Science Park shows its green, water-rich side.

Dommeldal sfeer - De Groote Heide

The Dommel river area is being transformed into a park-like open landscape. This is to become the connection of the TU/e Science Park with the surroundings and is the driver of a green Science City Park.

The Dommel valley (near Waalre) is a nature reserve of the Dutch Society for the Preservation of Nature.

In 1929 the Dutch Society for the Preservation of Nature bought De Hogt, an area of 27 acres along the Dommel river, mainly because of the presence of a number of extremely rare plants, including the summer lady's-tressis.

Across the Dommel

The Dommel is partly a stream and turns into a small river further downstream. The Dommel river originates in Belgium, to the south of Peer in the swamps and fens of the Donderslagse Heide. The groundwater rises and flows via small creeks and streams to the lower-lying Maastrichtse Heide.
Only here does it become a brook. At Borkel en Schaft the Dommel river enters the Netherlands.

The Dommel river largely follows the old meanderings through the sandy soils of Kempen and Meierij and calls on places such as Valkenswaard, Eindhoven, Son en Breugel, Sint-Oedenrode, Liempde Boxtel, Sint-Michielsgestel and 's-Hertogenbosch.

Next to the water there are many original cultural-historical elements on display, such as the water mills.

In total the Dommel is 74.6 miles long, with 21.7 miles in Limburg (Belgium) and 52.8 in North Brabant.