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Between Neerpelt and Hamont-Achel lies the Haarterheide, a nature area with some beautiful cycling and hiking routes. There's also some additional sights, such as the old Torenburcht de Tomp and eight Iron Age burial mounds.

Haarterheide - Tomp

De Torenburcht, erected in the early 14th century by Willem van Boxtel. 

Haarterheide grafheuvels

The Haarterheide is home to eight Iron Age burial mounds (about 700 BC).

The Haarterheide is a beautiful stretch of nature between the Belgian municipalities Neerpelt and Hamont-Achel. In addition to its natural beauty, the area is also known for its eight burial mounds.

These mounds date back to the Iron Age, about 700 BC. They have been partly restored to their original state and several of them, including the one most to the north-east, got their ring of stakes back.

The original heathlands of the Haarterheide now consists mostly of pine forests. Close to the wooded hiking area next to the Kettingbrug are the De Walvissers fishpond and fish-breeding ponds.