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Soerendonks Goor

The Soerendonks Goor, located in the headwater area of ​​the Strijper Aa, was reclaimed in 1957, despite fierce protests. The reclamation proved to be an unsuccesful enterprise, however. Twenty years later, the procedure was reversed. Since then, wetland nature once again has the necessary room to grow and thrive. In winter the area is home to many ducks and herons, including the great egret. The bird watching cabin on the edge of the lake offers excellent views of the birds without disturbing them.

Soerendonks Goor

The Soerendonks Goor is located west of Soerendonk in the municipality of Cranendonck. There are numerous hiking and cycling trails through its most beautiful nature areas, including the Goor.

Kasteel Cranendonck

The municipality of Cranendonck has more to offer than just the beautiful nature of the Soerendonks Goor. Take Cranendonck Castle, for example. An ancient castle that has been restored several times. It is surrounded by nature and an ideal spot to enjoy the greenery and tranquility of nature.

Water from higher areas flows to the Goor below ground, creating so-called water seeps. In the past a brook flowed straight through the Goor that carried large quantities of polluted water from Belgium. This stream has been moved to outside of the area.

When the Goorgemaal pumping station came into operation in 1957 agricultural land became available, and in the late 1970s the Kranenveld and Goor nature reserves were given back to nature and a bird-watching hut was added by IVN volunteers.

For more information about the Soerendonks Goor, please visit IVN.