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Stratumse Heide

Stratumse Heide

Uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill. This heathland sure is bumpy. It used to be an area of drift sand that wasn't planted with trees until the 1930s. Another part was untouched and developed into heathland. You will find a lot of spontaneous wildshoots of trees here. Due to the prevailing winds their shape is much more erratic than planted trees.

Stratumse heide

The pools and streams of the Stratumse Heide are a good place to spot animals, with many a frog calling them home. The Stratumse Heide is also a lovely place for a walk and waterside picnic.

Stratumse Heide

There are a number of fens on the Stratumse Heide, of which the Kanunnikesven is the most important. Among the beautiful plants that grow here are the purple marshlock and menyanthes.

The Stratumse Heide is a stretch of nature between Eindhoven and Geldrop. Remarkable features of this area is the presence of drift sand and amphibians.

Roaming former drift sand

The alternation of high and low and dry and wet make it an ideal environment for amphibians. Not something you expect of former drift sand, but true nonetheless. ‘Scottish Highlander’ cattle graze the area freely and their foraging adds even more diversity to the area. In a way they are additional unpaid foresters.

De Stratumse Heide: that's why

Ideal for a family outing or picnic. For more information, please visit the website of the Brabants Landschap.