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How to get to De Groote Heide nature border park?
There are several ways to travel by public transport, bicycle or car to the Strabrechtse Heide, Beverbeekse Heide, Buitenheide, Domaine de l'Escaille, Dommeldal-De Hogt, Haarterheide, Genneper Parken, Herbertusbossen, Klankenbos, Kettingbrugbos, the Leenderbos, Groote Heide, the Leenderheide and De Malpie.

Getting to De Groote Heide

Nature areas of De Groote Heide

A nature reserve of 15,000 acres consisting of various areas in the Netherlands and Belgium that together form a vast nature reserve called the De Groote Heide nature border park. Discover this immense nature park with its many different nature areas.

De Groote Heide can be easily reached via the A2 and the N69 motorways by car, but is also accessible on foot, by bike or on horseback. On our map we have included various start/finish points to begin and end your trip. We have also indicated possibilities for parking. These can be found under 'How to reach'.


Beverbeekse Heide
Dommeldal-De Hogt
Genneper Parken
Leenderbos-Groote Heide
De Malpie
Soerendonks Goor
Boseind Play Forest
Kolisbos Play Forest
Strabrechtse Heide
Stratumse Heide