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What is De Groote HeideMunicipalities of De Groote Heide

What is De Groote HeideMunicipalities of De Groote Heide

Together, the Netherlands and Belgium are nourishing ‘their’ De Groote Heide

Six municipalities on both sides of the Belgium-Dutch border have joined forces to both nourish 'their' natural property and to raise awareness for it, as nature simply cannot be bound by borders. By developing the area together, we can raise the quality of De Groote Heide natural border park even more. And thus making it even more attractive for holidaymakers, day trippers, nature lovers, athletes, etc.

The six municipalities are:







These six municipalities are home to countless smaller nature reserves, each with their own scale, identity and charm. Take, for example, the vast Leenderbos and Strabrechtse Heide areas on the one hand, and the significantly smaller Boseind and Kolisbos Play Forests on the other. When it comes to experiencing nature and the area’s ecological value, the diversity is just as great. The opportunities for recreation on De Groote Heide are legion; there’s something for everybody. The villages and cities around and inside the area offer attractive options for short or longer visits alike.